Will 2021 See Another Staycation Boom?

Staycations are looking to boom again for 2021 after recently being advised by the government to plan for a “great British summer”.

Will this extra demand and pressure for UK holidays mean staycations will pop like a cork from a bottle?

It is looking that way. Even during 2020 we saw the demand for UK staycations rise dramatically as we were unable to travel and enjoy the ‘classic’ holidays abroad, however we are obviously still wanting to get out and enjoy the great outdoors when we can.

Lately many of us are realising the true wonder and beauty our country has to offer us when it comes to getting out to nature and relaxing, especially after so much time spent locked in. A plus side to staycations is we don’t even have to spend that much money and can holiday in a far more climate friendly way while being aware of our carbon footprint!

Okra Cabin, The Secret Campsite

Question is… how loud is the popping of the cork going to be and who is going to catch it?

With this in mind, now could be the perfect time to invest in creating the perfect outdoor escape for guests before the season starts and the easing of lockdown triggers a rush to book the best staycation holidays.

Canopy and Stars says it has taken more bookings for August 2021 than for August 2020 and holidaymakers are now booking a year in advance to secure the best UK staycations. Experience Freedom, who also operates glamping holidays, have said their bookings for 2021 are already up as well. 

We saw 2020 staycations go off with a bang and this looks like not to be just one firework but a whole ongoing chorus of bangs and lights, with the high demand and the urge of getting out and about in the fresh air being one of the main reasons.

Fuselage Interior, Lypiatt Hill

Here is what we believe our structures shall bring to the staycation boom table and what a banquet it shall be!

Eco- friendly

Both the great outdoors and nature are so important. We are passionate about building spaces that create authentic experiences in nature and enabling outdoor adventures without harming it. We also want guests of our structures to experience the woodland and forests as they are meant to be – a thriving environment for nature and wildlife…The woodland dictates how we utilise it and how we adapt to it. Our structures don’t disturb the woodland floor, allowing ecosystems to continue to exist below. We also source local and sustainable materials for all of our structures.

Simple Install

All our structures are simple to install and are designed to cause very little disruption to the installation site. The lightweight parts of the structures can be carried into the site on foot with no requirements for heavy machinery or cranes and it generally only takes a few days to assemble our structures. Lastly, the use of module design means sections can be replaced at minimal cost and disruption if damage does occur. Our structures are also easy to move from one site to another.

Two deck chairs on balcony outside of a red Tree Tent in summer

Tree Tent, Brook  House Woods


All our structures are so different to everything else out there and standing out is key to creating a site for guests to want to come visit!

The Tree Tent, Fuselage and Okra are all unique in their own right and can also be customised so each design is bespoke in its own special way. Standing out is key for a new business, particularly as glamping structures are now popping up everywhere.

For every season

Our structures don’t just have to be used for the summer glamping season, their design and added extras mean you can run your site all year round. There is something really special about snuggling up to a wood burning stove and enjoying the comforts of a winter getaway.

For the Fuselage we use a triple-layer insulated skin system that will keep the elements out along with a wood stove and low-voltage radiant heating options. We also have a well insulated SIPs system for The Okra to keep the elements out, as well as a thick, high-performing insulation. Lastly, the Tree Tent has superior waterproofing technology, premium quality materials, space age insulation and customised features. All our structures will ensure guests stay warm and toasty in even the worst weather.

Okra Cabin Interior, The Secret Campsite

So who is going to catch the staycation cork when it pops from the bottle?

At Tree Tents all our structures are uniquely designed which will make any site stand out during the next staycation boom and more importantly, help guests get back out in nature and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors!