The Beauty of Doing Nothing and the Potential Benefits

Many of us this year have had a lot more time on our hands and not out of choice. But it might come as a surprise that doing nothing can have benefits on our wellness

The art of doing nothing (Niksen) mixed in with the benefits of spending time out in nature is a great combination, even during the colder seasons.

So why not take time out of busy schedules to just do nothing, a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y nothing. 

This to most is easier said than done, however it doesn’t have to be that difficult or guilt-tripping! It is always great to have things to look forward to and keep yourself busy but it is also just as important to take a step back and make the time to let yourself detox from that to do list and shut off from the everyday stresses. This will help to gather thoughts, gain perspectives and in turn, reduce stress. 

Whatever the weather, time of year and location, make time and space for that perfect little spot for you to zone out and relax in. A nice cosy armchair near a window or fireplace, a blanket in the garden or sitting in the woods as examples. Our structures are designed to help you to unwind and reconnect with nature. Here to help listen to the chorus of birdsong. Here to watch the world go by, whether that be reaching new heights in the canopy or staying grounded.

Doing nothing is something we all need to practice from time to time.  

Over the years, lifestyles have become busier and busier and we are becoming digitally overwhelmed. 

Take time to be idle, rather than turning to a screen or overthinking about what needs to be done, instead focus on yourself and the natural surroundings. (Check out our blog The Impact Nature has on our Wellbeing)

The art of Niksen, the Dutch wellness trend of doing nothing, is a practice to help promote your sense of wellbeing. It does this by enabling you to be calm and only concentrate on the enjoyment of just being. So add in the power nature has on our wellbeing and you are onto a winning combination of total wellbeing contentment. 

Here are some of the potential health benefits of doing nothing…

1. A way to reduce stress levels

It is so easy to let those stress levels rise, especially with a pandemic added into the mix. By taking a moment to pause and reflect, research suggests that it may help to reduce high stress levels, reset and relax. Breathing exercises are also a good way to help relax and reduce stress.

2. Boost creativity!

By slowing down and allowing your thoughts to wonder can actually help turn on the creative centres in the brain. This can also help with stimulating creativity and coming up with new ideas.

So imagine what a weekend away in nature could achieve…

3. Solving that problem…

Much like with creativity, a wondering mind can also help with problem-solving as it can help to organise your thoughts and get more clarity by taking a step back and not forcing answers. 

Even when we ‘turn off’, our brains are still processing information. For example, if you take a walk out in nature, you could come up with a breakthrough solution to a problem without having to deal with the stress of overthinking.

4. Improving productivity

The combination of improving creativity and problem-solving can lead to improving productivity. Taking time out can help you feel more rejuvenated and resetting your brain can improve productivity in the long run rather than feeling burnt out and stressed which can reduce productivity. As I have been writing this blog I have been making sure I take time away from writing and instead take a moment to look out the window (the beautiful view of the Okra in nature) or watch Humbug (The Secret Campsite’s cat) sleeping on the chair next to me… granted I haven’t taken the art of doing nothing to the level of Humbug but he does seem very content….

Lastly, feeling more content

The most important thing to remember is our wellbeing! Here at Tree Tents we want people to take a step back and feel rejuvenated with the help from nature and taking a break from the everyday stresses. We believe our structures help people stay in those hard to reach places that can bring those beautiful relaxing experiences. Stress and burn-out is becoming far more common and it is easy to ignore. By allowing ourselves to take a moment of total ‘nothingness bliss’ (and without the guilt) will help to relax and more importantly make us all feel happier in the long run. You must remember that you are not being lazy! Yes, it is equally important to have things to do and feel achievement but like most things, balance is key. 

So go on! Stare out that window, go for a walk or sit in nature. Make that cosy corner with cushions and blankets and just sit and breathe.