About Us
At Tree Tents we combine innovative precision engineering, traditional craftsmanship and sustainable materials with a love of working closely with site owners passionate about truly revolutionary camping. Based in Sussex, England, but serving commercial and private site owners throughout Europe, we create award-winning glamping structures that deliver breath-taking experiences and inspire a closer connection to our woodlands and wild places.

Our Story

In the words of our founder and Innovation and Design Director, Jason Thawley.

As a young child I spent hours scaling the trees of my local woodland; discovering their rich habitat and enjoying the sense of freedom I found high in the canopy. Woodlands were, and remain, an integral part of my life. As I grew into adulthood they became a place to disconnect, unwind and ground myself. In the woods you are no longer surfing time; you are deep inside time.

This connection continued to influence my work as an industrial designer. At every turn I saw opportunities to do better, not just for users, but the planet too. This was the catalyst for founding Luminair, an eco-friendly and sustainable focused design studio, that went on to win the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2011.

As the business grew Luminair moved into a workshop based in the beautiful Secret Campsite in Sussex. As the camping season went on I was devastated to see discarded equipment filling the skip; designed without thought and never destined to see another summer. Thinking back to days spent high in the tree tops, I wondered how I could use my skills to share that feeling, inspiring others to act for our planet.

Working alongside talented friends in aerospace and automotive engineering I was introduced to a mix of skills that couldn’t be wasted on the norm. Inspired by their eye for modern precision engineering, the quality of traditional craftsmanship and my own desire to connect people to the outdoors through design, we spent three years designing a suspended tree house that works with nature rather than building against or around it. In 2014 I posted the very first Tree Tent concept to my website.

Then the phone rang, and on the other end was Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. They loved the design and wanted to come out and film. So with cameras rolling, we turned the Tree Tent concept into a reality. And what a reality it was.

“What I think is fantastic about the Tree Tent is the mix of very high end engineering and simple traditional craftsmanship that come together and feel so appropriate for a 21st century tent in a tree. It’s an incredible piece of design.”

– George Clarke, Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

As soon as the episode went to air the phone started ringing off the hook and I realised I was going to need some help. Enter Stephen Sykes and Max Marsden. Stephen, one of the leading environmental lawyers in the country and a start-up business expert and Max, an experienced director, strategic thinker and customer’s best friend.

Combining our different skills and shared passion for the outdoors, Tree Tents has become so much more than that idyllic concept of a single escape in the tree tops. After many months of design, and rigorous testing, we’ve created an exceptional range of glamping structures that will stand the test of time. We are a values-led business committed to creating a product that delivers for people and planet; and working with owners to curate world-class, eco-friendly escapes.

Whether you dream of building a full eco resort high in the tree tops, want to expand your campsite’s accommodation offering or are simply after a private garden retreat, we believe everyone should experience the freedom of life in the trees and can’t wait to work with you to make it happen.


We believe there is nothing like the power of the outdoors to recharge and rejuvenate. We are woodland warriors passionate about sharing authentic experiences and enabling adventure that doesn’t cost the earth. Like our own well-being, our woodlands need to be protected and this ethos drives everything we do from strategy to installation.

Knowing where our materials come from ensures they are responsibly and locally sourced, 100% recyclable and of the highest quality.

Each structure is built bespoke, by experts in the UK, using a clever modular system that allows damage to be repaired rather than the entire structure needing to be replaced.

By delivering structures that are prefabricated and flat-packed we dramatically reduce their carbon footprint in production, transport and installation.

Having reduced our footprint as much as possible, we then partner with community projects to fund the planting of new trees where they’re needed most.


We’re proud of our structures and our business but though it’s great when this gets recognised by other experts in the field.

When we launched our production Tree Tent at the Farm Business Innovation Show in 2016 it immediately caught the eye of the Innovation Awards judges  – since then we’ve grown the business and our structure offering to a point where we then won the award for a second year, this time highlighting our total business solutions to the glamping and farm diversification market.

“The Tree Tent has been awarded this year’s Farm Business Show Innovation Award for its unprecedented blend of innovation, creativity and uniqueness.”

Judges, Farm Business Show Awards, 2016

“Tree Tent International Ltd. has been awarded this year’s Farm Business Show Innovation Award for truly pushing the boundaries of design and service to its market”

Judges, Farm Business Show Awards, 2018


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