Combining the precision of aeronautical engineering, the romance of wild camping and the comforts of home, the Tree Tent offers the ultimate escape into the outdoors. With sustainable design innovation at the heart of what we do, we’ve made sure this one-of-a-kind glamping structure will have a big impact on guests, not on the environment.

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces sitting in Tree Tent

“Absolutely magical. A triumph in precision engineering. The interior captures the romance and cosiness of a tent that just happens to be suspended in the air.”

George Clarke
George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Channel 4


Calling on the strength and durability of four different materials – sustainably sourced plywood, recycled aluminium, UK-grown wool and recyclable synthetic canvas – the Tree Tent is constructed using only the highest quality, eco-friendly materials that will ensure it goes the distance.


Weather-tight outer shell
Our experts have thoroughly tested both natural and synthetic fibres and have found an option that is weatherproof, resists rot and is eco-friendly. 100% recyclable, marine grade polyester canvas. Available in a range of colours.


Strong structural frame
The lightweight frame is precision engineered from a core of recycled aluminium (with minimum 85% recycled content) and locally manufactured plywood. This balance makes it strong, durable and light, reducing the impact on your trees as well as energy consumed in production and transport.


Quality interior liner
Our hand-selected recycled polyester lining comes standard, with options to upgrade to 100% melton wool lining and multi-foil thermal insulation to keep your Tree Tent extra toasty.


Windows, door and skylight dome
Crystal clear windows with simple zip and roll shutters can be configured in a range of positions to suit your surroundings, while a clear moulded skylight dome offers unlimited canopy gazing opportunities.


An exterior grade hardwood plywood with a water repellent oiled finish comes as standard.


With demand for glamping holidays reaching new heights and the range of accommodation options growing steadily with it, it’s critical to make the right choice now to ensure your future success. Knowing this, we design and create accommodation solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd and deliver a world-class experience for your guests.

Unbeatable return
With wow factor in spades, Tree Tents command premium per night prices. This will see a well run unit returning a profit in 12-18 months with excellent return on investment.

Painless installation
Our low impact approach to installation will see you rise above many planning headaches. Plus, once delivered, your Tree Tent can be installed in around two days- weather permitting!

Use your unused woodland
Foundations? Who needs ’em? A flat surface? Not for us! All we need is two healthy strong trees to transform even the roughest, toughest woodland.

For every season
Superior waterproofing technology, premium quality materials, space age insulation and customised features like micro wood burners, means guests will stay high and dry whatever the weather.


At Tree Tents, we want to make the process of creating a world-class glamping escape on your site as easy as possible. So all of our structures come prefabricated and flat-packed to ensure quick installation that causes minimal disruption to your business and the site. This means it is possible to install yourself (with a little guidance from a Tree Surgeon for suspended structures) or you can book it in with our expert installation team.

Depending on which structure and customisation options you choose, it typically takes 6-8 weeks to design, build and deliver your structure. Once delivered, our installation team can install in around 2-4 days, depending on the weather.



Our structures are made bespoke which means they are tailored to your site, needs and budget and you never pay for things you don’t need.

We start with the basics as standard:
Structural frame
 Weather tight outer shell
Standard number of windows and door
Standard interior liner
2 single beds or 1 double bed
Rigging & suspension kit
Tree survey, health & safety check
UK Delivery*

Tree Tent base unit from £22,000 (Ex. VAT)

* Delivery to N.Ireland and Highlands may incur extra delivery cost. International deliveries on application. ** Installation costs can vary depending on your requirements however usually start from £2,600 + VAT


Need a bit more warmth to shield guests against winter winds? Want to shed a little light on the project? We then offer a range of extras that will enhance your glamping experience and help you make it your own. Pick and choose from the list below, or get in touch to discuss your ideas, we believe there is a clever design solution for every need!

Premium 100% melton wool thermal lining in a range of colours

Multi foil thermal insulation

Micro wood-fired stove with flue, and heat proof liner

Protective winter cover

Extra single bed

Lightweight, fold away and swivel tables and seating

Secret hide-alls and storage hatches

Sustainable wool cushion and blanket pack

LED lighting kit

Rechargeable battery pack charging points

Number and placement of windows

Entrance platform and ladder

International shipping

  • Micro wood fired stove with flue and heat proof backing

  • Fold down beds

  • Hanging side tables

  • Purpose-designed, space saving fittings

  • Thermal insulation

  • Custom branding

    Askersund Outdoor branding on their Tree Tent
  • Premium 100% melton wool lining in Autumn

  • Premium 100% melton wool lining in Summer

  • Custom made cushions for seats and beds

  • Fully customisable configurations

  • Hanging tables and foldaway bedding and seating

  • Storage hatches

  • Centre swivel tables

  • Under bed storage hatches

  • Hanging side tables

  • Hanging side tables

  • Number and placement of windows

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

Full support and a comprehensive user guide

Two year guarantee on the main structure

Insurability and safety checked

Discover a new future for your site now

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