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Excellent return on investment

Award-winning and unforgettably unique

Precision engineered for comfort and durability

Tree Tent Tents

Made to maximise previously unusable land

Created sustainably with care for the environment

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

Tree Tent Tents

Low maintenance and built to last

Tree Tent Tents

Painless 3 day installation and planning friendly

We’re committed to delivering the best product for planet and people…

“Treehouses are the most popular accommodation type by far. They’re always booked up first, have brilliant feedback from guests, and achieve the highest average rates and occupancy for owners, especially in beautiful and special locations and settings.”

Canopy & Stars

“One of the most innovative low-impact accommodation ideas around, the Tree Tent is a pod that hangs in the forest like a giant chrysalis, with room inside for a sofa bed and a wood burning stove. The thick wool felt, thermal liners allow for year-round glamping, particularly when you have the fire going,”

The Independent

“As soon as we stepped inside a Fuselage, that was it! There is simply nothing else like this structure out there…we’ve looked. And the attention to detail is remarkable.”

Kate Dent, Owner

“What an amazing retreat, peaceful & wholesome. A brilliant three days of exploring, cooking on the fire and being rocked to sleep by the breeze. Escapism at its best.”

Emma & Simon, GuestsRed Kite Tree Tent

“The Tree Tent has proven a real draw for us and is often sold out all summer, contributing greatly to the success of the site.”

OwnerLost Meadow Tree Tent

“Tree Tents – amazing products!”

Simon Herbert, Tree SurgeonGreen Olive Tree Care

“It was only through looking at your site after being drawn to it due to reviews and pictures, that we saw the Tree Tent, and the decision was made there and then! The Tree Tent is just awesome (plus very good value I thought). We had such a lovely time we didn’t want to leave.”

Sarah, GuestThe Secret Campsite Tree Tent

“Environmental and design integrity by the shedload. We can’t see why anyone would want to want to go elsewhere.”

Kate Dent, Owner

The marketing benefits of having the Tree Tent have been really clear. Many of our guests have found our site off the back of publicity received around the Tree Tent. It consistently captures the imagination of journalists, bloggers and guests because it is so unique and interesting and gives them a compelling reason to visit us and to talk about The Secret Campsite.

Tim Bullen, OwnerThe Secret Campsite


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