The Fuselage is our most innovative new structure. Inspired by the principles of modern aerospace design, the Fuselage offers a lightweight, robust and extremely portable accommodation solution. Like an aeroplane, the Fuselage is engineered to go the distance.

Designed to be either mounted on stilts or suspended from trees, the Fuselage makes light work of even the most challenging terrain allowing you to maximise areas of woodland, sloping sites, or the water’s edge.

“Our most innovative, adaptable and exciting glamping structure yet.”

Jason Thawley
Tree Tents International, Founder and Innovation and Design Director

accommodation solutions that will make you stand out from the crowd

Precision engineered
Inspired by early aerospace design the Fuselage’s clever hardwood and aluminium airframe is lightweight, durable and provides a flexible and spacious interior.

Utilise unusable land
Our most efficient structure in terms of space, weight and proportion, the Fuselage is perfect for those hard to reach, uneven or heavily wooded sites.

For every season
A triple-layer insulated skin system will keep the elements out along with wood stove and low-voltage radiant heating options ensures guests stay warm and toasty or cool and dry – whatever the weather.

Easily repaired
A clever modular design means if damage should occur it can be repaired easily with minimal disruption and cost to your business.


At Tree Tents, we want to make the process of creating a world-class glamping escape on your site as easy as possible. So all of our structures come prefabricated and flat-packed to ensure quick installation that causes minimal disruption to your business and the site. This means it is possible to install yourself (with a little guidance from a Tree Surgeon for suspended structures) or you can book it in with our expert installation team.

Depending on which customisation options you choose, it typically takes 8 weeks to design, build and deliver your structure. Once delivered, our installation team can install in around 5 days, depending on the weather.



Our structures are made bespoke which means they are tailored to your site, needs and budget and you never pay for things you don’t need.

We start with the basics as standard:
 Fully Insulated structural frame
 Aluminium outer shell
Lockable entrance door and double glazed windows
Quality marine ply hardwood flooring and birch liner
Convertible seating & table / Double bed & mattresses
Twin single bunk beds & mattresses

Fuselage base unit from £34,000 (Ex. VAT).


Fancy a whacky colour or wood cladding? Off-grid power? We then offer a range of extras that will enhance your glamping experience and help you make it your own. Pick and choose from the list below, or get in touch to discuss your ideas, we believe there is a clever design solution for every need!

Exterior timber cladding or custom paint finish

Micro wood-fired stove

Low-voltage, energy efficient radiant heating panels

Off-grid solar panels and battery power storage


British wool cushion and blankets sets

WC, shower and kitchen facilities (in extended versions)

Aircraft style canvas storage locker bags

Extra high stilt legs and access steps

LED lighting kits

Window blinds

International shipping

  • Exterior cladding and finish options

  • Micro wood-fired stove with flue and heat proof backing

  • Space saving kitchen and wash facilities

  • Off-grid solar power systems

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting

  • Sustainable wool cushions and blanket sets

Full support and a comprehensive user guide

Two year guarantee on the main structure

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

Insurability and safety checked

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