The Okra has been designed to make the most of views and budgets. Taking its simple pentagonal form from the cross-section of its namesake plant, the Okra utilises a SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) system to offer a luxurious and cost-effective accommodation package. The fully glazed front elevation makes the most of the available views which, combined with the clever use of interior space, provides guests with a truly comfortable stay. The Okra is available in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the best layout and configuration for your site and the unique ‘flat pack’ design means that we can install it into those beautiful but remote places.

“Designed with site-owners in mind. Versatile, eye-catching, and cost-effective.”

Jason Thawley
Tree Tents International, Founder and Innovation and Design Director


OKRA COMPACT – Sleep, relax

The Okra Compact is a cosy but spacious accommodation-only structure. Its fully glazed front elevation ensures that there’s plenty of light, while the interior layout ensures that there’s plenty of space. It includes a mezzanine double bed with lounge area below where there is space for a woodstove. It is perfect for couples but it can sleep up to four people as the downstairs seating area cleverly converts to a double bed too. The Okra Compact is a fantastic basic accommodation solution for sites that already have cooking and bathroom facilities on site.

OKRA EQUIP – Sleep, relax, cook

The modular design of the OKRA cabin means that its length can easily be extended. The Okra Equip takes the same basic layout as the Okra Compact with the addition of a permanent double bed below the mezzanine double bed, and a larger lounge area with space for a kitchen area, a woodstove and a sofa.

OKRA EQUIP+ – Sleep, relax, cook, wash

The Okra Equip+ is for those who want to offer their guests a completely secluded experience. It is the same as the Okra Equip with the addition of a bathroom, containing a WC, sink and shower.

accommodation solutions that will make you stand out from the crowd

Precision engineered
Inspired by quick and efficient house building systems Okra’s flat pack, SIPs design slots together on-site to provide a well insulated strong structure with a flexible and spacious interior.

Utilise remote land
The flat pack design incorporates parts that are easy to carry and can be self assembled without heavy machinery on-site or large foundations. The Okra is perfect for those hard to reach, uneven or heavily wooded spaces.

For every season
A well insulated SIPs system keeps the elements out, while thick, high-performing insulation will ensure guests stay warm and toasty in even the worst weather.

Resilient design
Specialist materials offer hassle-free use and extremely low maintenance while the module design means sections can be replaced at minimal cost and disruption if damage does occur.


At Tree Tents, we want to make the process of creating a world-class glamping escape on your site as easy as possible. So all of our structures come prefabricated and flat-packed to ensure quick installation that causes minimal disruption to your business and the site. This means it is possible to install yourself (with a little guidance from a Tree Surgeon for suspended structures) or you can book it in with our expert installation team.

Depending on which structure and customisation options you choose, it typically takes 6-8 weeks to design, build and deliver your structure. Once delivered, our installation team can install in around 2-4 days, depending on the weather.



Our structures are made bespoke which means they are tailored to your site, needs and budget and you never pay for things you don’t need.

We start with the basics as standard:
Strong, pre-insulated structure
Your choice of external cladding
Mezzanine platform and access wall
Entrance steps
Double glazed windows and door
Mounting feet
Your choice of internal wall lining

Okra Compact base unit from £24,000 (Ex. VAT)

Okra Equip base unit from £26,500 (Ex. VAT)

Okra Equip + base unit from £29,000 (Ex. VAT)


Fancy a whacky colour or wood cladding? Off-grid power? We then offer a range of extras that will enhance your glamping experience and help you make it your own. Pick and choose from the list below, or get in touch to discuss your ideas, we believe there is a clever design solution for every need!

Interior seating and soft furnishings

Exterior timber cladding or custom paint finish

Micro wood-fired stove

Electric floor heating

Solar charging panels & off grid battery power storage

Air-conditioning unit

WC, shower and kitchen facilities (in extended versions)

LED dimmable lighting

International shipping

  • Exterior cladding and finish options

  • Micro wood-fired stove or suspended bio-ethanol fireplace

  • Interior finish & lighting options

  • Space saving kitchen facilities

  • Tailor made, sustainable furniture

  • Luxurious en-suite options

Full support and a comprehensive user guide

Two year guarantee on the main structure

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

Insurability and safety checked

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