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History, Story & More

About Us

Tree Tents craft award-winning structures, redefining how we experience the great outdoors. Meticulously designed and crafted in the English countryside, each creation blends beauty, comfort and sustainability.

From the iconic Tree Tent, gracefully suspended in the canopies, to innovative designs for dining, wild bathing and nature immersion, we set the standard for elevated outdoor experiences. Our structures deliver a breath-taking experience, inspiring a closer connection to our woodlands and wild places.

Our Story

In the words of our founder and Innovation and Design Director, Jason Thawley...

"As a young child I spent hours scaling the trees of my local woodland; discovering their rich habitat and enjoying the sense of freedom I found high in the canopy. Woodlands were, and remain, an integral part of my life. As I grew into adulthood they became a place to disconnect, unwind and ground myself.

This connection continued to influence my work as an engineer and industrial designer to the point where designing creatively engineered small space structures to immerse people in nature and the great outdoors became my passion and vocation.

Working alongside talented friends in aerospace and automotive engineering I was introduced to a mix of skills that couldn’t be wasted on the norm. Taking a focus on precision engineering, traditional craftsmanship and my own desire to connect people to the outdoors through design, we spent three years designing a suspended tree house that works with nature rather than building against or around it."

Following the momentum from a feature on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, the increasing importance of digitally detoxing and a rise in popularity of luxury camping, Tree Tents brings something a bit different to the wilderness scene.

Whether you dream of building a full eco-resort high in the tree tops, want to expand your site’s accommodation offering or are after a private retreat, we believe everyone deserves to experience life off the beaten track.

Our collection features a range of wilderness structures and accessories, with an array of customisable options to make it your own. We can also support in bringing your vision to life by giving you a hand with planning, site design, off grid infrastructure and much more.


There is nothing like the power of the outdoors to recharge and rejuvenate the soul. We are fanatic about our forests, passionate about sharing authentic experiences and enabling adventure that doesn’t cost the earth.

Like our own well-being, our woodlands need to be protected, and that ethos drives everything we do.

Download our Sustainability Approach

Knowing where our materials come from ensures they are responsibly and locally sourced, 100% recyclable and of the highest quality.

Each structure is built bespoke and to order by experts in the UK, using a clever modular system that means we can make any needed repairs without replacing the entire structure.

By delivering structures that are prefabricated and which we have specially designed to flat-pack down, we dramatically reduce their carbon footprint in production, transport and installation.

Having minimised our carbon footprint as much as possible, we then partner with community projects to fund the planting of new trees where they’re needed most.

Featured In

Got a beautiful spot for an off-grid cabin?

We create unique and architecturally amazing installations which celebrate the great outdoors. We are ready to share our holistic expertise in design, planning, site creation, structure production and site management with clients who are looking to elevate their space.

If you own or work with land and are exploring how to generate extra revenue or start an exciting new business venture, partnering with Tree Tents is the perfect solution.

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