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The Solar Station

Off-grid power made simple.

Our handy Solar Stations can be rolled out virtually anywhere to offer easy renewable power to your off grid accommodation and facilities. Perfect for integrating lighting, charging points and low power mains plug points to cabins, treehouses and tents.

Bring the power

The solar station was designed for jobs like running low wattage items in off-grid cabins or tents. 

The set up might be to run LED lighting, USB charging sockets, a 12v fridge and small 240V inverter for things like laptops, allowing your off-grid guests to stay as connected as they like. Just perhaps no hair dryers or electric heaters!

Our 100W panel & 115Ah battery combination will usually give a set-up such as above uninterrupted power throughout most of the season (UK winters may need additional charge time).

What if there's not much sun and the battery needs charging?

The great thing about our solar station is that its very mobile! As such, when power demands become too high and the suns not playing ball then it can be easily moved back to the workshop, house or nearest mains electric point, plugged in and charged back up ready for your next guests. Using mains power, it usually takes about 24 hours to get things back to full charge.

How far from our cabin or tent should the station be?

Long cables mean loss of power, so you're best to keep the solar station nearby. We offer a few different lengths of connection cable and suggest that the maximum distance from your structure is 20 meters.

Can I get spares for it?

We’ve selected high quality materials and parts for the Solar Station, so it should give you years of reliable power for your site. However, batteries, charges controllers, solar panels, wheels and even frame panels can be bought separately if broken or damaged beyond repair.


  • 100w solar panel
  • Ultra durable 85ah AGM deep cycle leisure battery
  • Charge controller with bluetooth app
  • Duraply frame 
  • Puncture proof wheels


Optional Extras (sold separately)

  • 12v power feed cable
  • Plug panels 12v & USB
  • Mains Inverter
  • LED Festoon Set
  • Mains Charger

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