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The Outhouse

For whenever nature calls.
When it comes to on-site facilities, the design of the outhouse always seems to take a second seat to some of the great designs we see in accommodation structures. This is something we’ve always wanted to address, and so our Outhouse was born. This unit has been designed to offer a great looking structure with all the equipment needed for your guests' comfort - including a shower, sink and toilet, whether on- or off-grid.

It also perfectly matches our Birdhouse accommodation!

Floorplan and Elevation

With demand for glamping holidays reaching new heights and the range of accommodation options growing steadily with it, it’s critical to make the right choice now to ensure your future success. Knowing this, we design and create accommodation solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd and deliver a world-class experience for your guests.

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Our products are made to order, by hand by the production team in our UK workshop. This ensures we minimise any wasted stock and materials. In the wider scheme, our practises encourage rewilding and discourage deforestation - saving land that would otherwise be cleared of nature.


Our spaces encourage the sense of community and wellbeing, carefully engineered as comfortable, warming spots where families, couples and friends can create unforgettable memories.


Our structures make any wild space truly special. They're proven to draw a crowd, with the occupancy rates to prove it. We also model our pricing so that you can choose exactly what you're after - with optional features and upgrades to suit you.

At Tree Tents, we want to make the process of creating a world-class glamping escape on your site as easy as possible. We pick up the work on our end, so that our structures come prefabricated to you. This ensures quick installation that causes minimal disruption to your business and the site. This means that you can install it with your own team, or you can book it in for installation with our production team.

Depending on which structure and customisation options you choose, it typically takes 12-14 weeks to design, build and deliver the Outhouse. Once delivered, our installation team can install in around 2-4 days, depending on the weather. All of our structures are also available to ship and install internationally, with our structures already popular in sites across Norway, Sweden, the USA and more.

We know some of our options may feel technical... we're a detailed bunch. Fear not - we can break down the options, what they mean for you and the best route to take. Any questions just shout

The low down - the Outhouse structure, with a separating toilet, walk-in shower, sink and off-grid hot water comes to £21,150.

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  • 2.4m long CNC cut duraply frame

  • Corrugated steel cladding (choice of colours)

  • OSB exterior sheathing

  • 100mm PIR Insulated floor, walls & roof

  • Aluminium framed, double glazed front pivot opening circular window

  • 35mm triple-wall insulating, translucent back wall/window (lets in loads of light, whilst obscuring bare bods)

  • Exterior membrane & battening for chosen cladding

  • 12mm pre-lacquered birch plywood interior wall & roof lining

  • Linoleum flooring

  • Medite tricoya exterior end panel cladding

  • Insulated door

  • Stainless steel fixings



  • Off-grid waterless toilet (separating): £650
    "Separett Villa" urine diverting toilet with compostable waste collection & 12v ventilation fan.

  • Off-grid waterless toilet (incineration): £3,800
    "Cinderella Freedom" propane gas powered incineration toilet. Incinerates all toilet waste at high temperatures producing a minimal amount of sterile ash.

  • Shower unit: £1,100
    1600 x 800mm walk-in shower tray, shower waste trap, twin shower mixer valve, shower head, side clear acrylic shower screen and waterproof wall cladding.

  • Hand wash basin: £800
    "Alape Stahlform 505" wall mounted bucket sink with wall mounted industrial style mixer tap, trap & waste with under sink storage shelves.
  • Off-grid LPG water heating: £600
    "Camplux BW158BCP6" tankless gas water heater, gas regulator, water pump & plumbing kit to connect to shower & basin units.

  • LED lighting, 12v & USB socket for mains or battery hook-up: £350
    (Requires typical 16A electrical supply connection near unit, or 12V battery supply)

  • Cladding: Slated timber: £2,800 or Corrugated steel (as pictured): £0

Optional unit assembly & installation: From £3,600

Interested in your own Outhouse?

We'd love to learn more about your project make it a reality.

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Our unique and architecturally innovative installations celebrate the great outdoors. We are ready to share our holistic expertise in design, planning, site creation, structure production and site management with clients who are looking to elevate their space.

If you own or work with land and are exploring how to generate extra revenue or start an exciting new business venture, partnering with Tree Tents is the perfect solution.

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