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The Fuselage

Inspired by the principles of modern aerospace design, the Fuselage offers a lightweight, robust and extremely portable accommodation solution. Like an aeroplane, the Fuselage is engineered to go the distance.

Designed to be either mounted on stilts or suspended from trees, the Fuselage makes light work of even the most challenging terrain, allowing you to maximise areas of woodland, sloping sites or water’s edge.

Floorplan and specifications

The details

The Fuselage is designed and built using materials lightweight enough to allow it to be suspended or mounted on stilts – making it suitable for a range of challenging conditions. The Fuselage has great eco-cred using sustainably sourced wood and recycled aluminium to achieve an eco-friendly and robust structure.

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With demand for glamping holidays reaching new heights and the range of accommodation options growing steadily with it, it’s critical to make the right choice now to ensure your future success. Knowing this, we design and create accommodation solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd and deliver a world-class experience for your guests.

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Our products are made to order, by hand by the production team in our UK workshop. This ensures we minimise any wasted stock and materials.


Our spaces encourage the sense of community and wellbeing, carefully engineered as comfortable, warming spots where families, couples and friends can create unforgettable memories.


Our structures make any wild space really special. They're proven to draw a crowd, with the occupancy rates and media interest to prove it.

At Tree Tents, we want to make the process of creating a world-class glamping escape on your site as easy as possible. So all of our structures come prefabricated and flat-packed to ensure quick installation that causes minimal disruption to your business and the site. This means it is possible to install yourself (with a little guidance from a Tree Surgeon for suspended structures) or you can book it in with our expert installation team. 

Depending on which structure and customisation options you choose, it typically takes around 12-14 from order to the delivery of your Fuselage.  Once delivered, our installation team can install in around 2-4 days, depending on the weather. All of our structures are also available to ship and install internationally, with Tree Tents and Fuselages already popular in sites across Norway, Sweden and more.

Base Unit: £35,200

Excluding tax & delivery


  • 4.3m long hybrid Duraply & aluminum frame structure
  • Low level mounting stilts (floor level, up to 0.8m from ground level)
  • Insulated aluminum exterior skin
  • Interior birch ply lining
  • Insulated end wall panels with locking entrance door
  • Two opening double glazed windows
  • Two fixed double glazed windows
  • Two double glazed porthole windows
  • Entrance deck


Our structures are made to be self- assembled and installed. If you would like help with assembly or installation, please let us know to discuss options.



  • Medium Level Mounting Stilts: +£840
    Up to 1.8m above ground level
  • High Level Mounting Stilts: +£1,300
    Up to 2.8m above ground level
  • Medium or High Level Access Steps: Quote on request (dependent on final height)
  • Timber Cladding: From £2,950


  • Convertible Seating/Bed: +£1,900
  • Bunkbeds: +£1,900
  • Kitchen Module: From £1,900
  • Wood Stove & Flue Set: +£1,995
  • Led Lighting & Sockets: From £475
    Battery, mains or solar powered depending on your site.

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Got a beautiful spot for a Tree Tents creation?

Our unique and architecturally innovative installations celebrate the great outdoors. We are ready to share our holistic expertise in design, planning, site creation, structure production and site management with clients who are looking to elevate their space.

If you own or work with land and are exploring how to generate extra revenue or start an exciting new business venture, partnering with Tree Tents is the perfect solution.

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