The rise and rise of glamping

Unless you’ve been in a cave lately, you’ve probably noticed that glamping is increasing in popularity. Riding the wave of online startups offering authentic holiday experiences, like Airbnb and HomeAway, the modernday vacationer has quite different expectations from those of yesterday. Gone are the days when you’d leaf through a holiday brochure and pick out a hotel from a catalogue. Only to be disappointed upon arrival to find the swimming pool was being remodelled or the walls were paper-thin. There were no such things as consumer review sites or social media. Try complaining to your holiday rep.

It’s unsurprising then, that we’ve become a generation that expects more out of our holidays – and out of life in general. We used to squirm with British politeness and neglect to complain when services didn’t meet our expectations. Now we’re ordering our steak with salad instead of chips and demanding holiday accommodation that stands out from the rest.

But here’s the thing. Not everyone enjoys camping. They may have experienced first hand a miserable night in a soaking wet tent, queuing for the loos, or trying to scrub mud off their boots. They may not like the idea of creepy crawlies, the cold and damp, or barebones facilities. But, a part of them still leaps at the chance of reconnecting with nature and getting away from it all. Enter glamping.

So much more than just camping

Glamping allows overcharged individuals to get away from the city, enjoy the untouched countryside and sleep in luxury accommodation, with a wood-burning stove, luxurious wool interiors the convenience of a light switch instead of a flashlight. All while being suspended from a canopy of trees and sleeping to the gentle patter of raindrops, without worrying about being washed away. Tom Dixon of Canopy & Stars explains: “Glamping is becoming more holistic. People now expect more from their stay. They don’t just want a holiday, but an experience where the space, natural setting and overall ambience are truly integrated.”

You’re out in the wild, without being lost in the wilderness. After all, no one said that glamping didn’t come with mod cons! We want to get away from it all, of course, just not completely. We still need to check our emails, plug in the hairdryer and keep warm. As noted in an IBIS Worldwide report, luxury campsites that cater to these tastes have started winning market share of people who may not normally camp. Those fast becoming disenchanted with air travel, and long trips to the airport to be met with flight delays and lengthy security checks.

The perfect storm for site owners

You could say that the planets are aligning for site owners thinking about making maximum profit from their land. The perfect storm of social, economical, political and technological forces are at work, propelling glamping into the limelight. Nature breaks at home reinforce a social consciousness to do our bit for the environment, taking holidays with a reduced carbon footprint. Stimulating the local economy and watching our wallets at the same time.

Google’s Digital Garage, an online business research tool, shows a 118 percent YOY rise in online searches for the term “glamping”. According to The Telegraph, glamping perfectly fits a demographic of aging festival goers from the nineties and noughties that get their “halfway house between a festival atmosphere and having home comforts”. Staycations are on the rise, with online travel magazine Travel Weekly writing about how summer staycations are on the up by a third.

Further research by the ‘Family Break Finder’ found that out of the 1,400 members they questioned, at least 50 percent of them were considering staying at a local campsite or holiday park in 2017. One third specifically expressed an interest in glamping.

Some analysts believe that Brexit uncertainty and perceived hostility throughout the EU will lead to more tourists wanting to stay in their own country. Glamping and staycations around the world are also becoming more popular, as they’re seen as a low cost option. With many Britons concerned about a weak pound in the wake of the latest political decisions, they’re hoping to save money on their 2017 holidays by staying at home.

But, according to Edward Busby of Crown & Canopy, the main factor really responsible for the rise and rise of glamping is improved technology that has allowed owners and providers to be connected with clients. He enthuses, “What a great experience to be able to offer your loved ones and children! Suddenly, accessibility to special places in the UK and people’s land has been opened up. These beautiful hidden pockets of the English countryside on people’s farms and estates are now there to be enjoyed by everyone. This accessibility to the great outdoors and nature is a positive and welcome change in land usage for all.”

Our Tree Tents let holidaymakers experience their childhood dream of sleeping in the trees, in previously unexplored places, without missing out on a hot shower or comfortable bed.

An industry going from strength to strength

If you’re a site owner, there’s never been a better time to invest in glamping. External factors are ripe and barriers to entry lower than ever before. You no longer have to invest in expensive accommodation that takes a long time to build. Tree Tents can be set-up quickly. In just 4 weeks your order can be custom made and installed on your land.. 

They’re also suitable for all different types of land, which means that you can make use of hilly terrain and hard-to-reach places. You can extend your letting season, thanks to their insulation and heated stoves, and command a higher rate per night for their “wow” factor and originality.

If you’re weighing up your options, consider this. Installing Tree Tents is one of the fastest ways of recovering a return on your investment. A well-run unit can see your costs covered and start turning profit in as little as 12-18 months! With so many benefits for site owners and holidaymakers alike, it’s no wonder that glamping is going from strength to strength. 2018 is set to be its biggest year yet.

Watch this space.

Looking out across a green Tree Tent to stream