Outdoor activities to help you reconnect with nature

At Tree Tents we aim to inspire a closer connection with nature through our structures. The camping season is well underway and many of us are enjoying time spent outside after being cooped up for so long. Much of our time is spent indoors staring at screens so being able to give yourself a digital detox and get outdoors is the breath of fresh air that so many of us need. 

But what can you do after you have arrived at your destination, whether you have pulled up to that beautiful glamping structure or after the efforts of pitching up a tent?

Here are a handful of simple and fun activities we believe will help you reconnect with the great outdoors while on your much needed and rejuvenating escape.

Wild swimming

If you are staying near a river, lake, sea or any natural pool of water why not ‘dip’ into wild swimming. It might be cold but it is a brilliant way to reconnect with nature and make you feel alive. It has even been proven in a study by the British Medical Journal that wild swimming can have a positive impact on our mental health. So go on… Dive in!


Stargazing is magical. The glittering lights in the sky that seem so bright but are so far away can create a mesmerising experience for both adults and children. Just grab a cosy blanket, wrap yourself up and lie back. The longer you look, the more you will see and discover. Take out a star spotter’s guide to help you identify the different constellations. An extra bonus of stargazing is that it boosts your imagination and inspiration which helps to relieve stress and increase happiness.

Bird/wildlife watching

Hear the call of a bird or a rustle of tiny feet in the bushes? Grab a pair of binoculars or just simply use your eyes to watch the many different species found in nature. Watching birds and wildlife can be a truly meditative experience. Out in the peace and quiet with no distractions, all you have to concentrate on are the sights and sounds of wildlife. The RSPB wildlife guides are great to help you identify quickly and easily what you discover.

Build a campfire

It wouldn’t be camping without a campfire and a great way to create warm memories. The simple pleasure of sitting around the fire and watching the flames dance while toasting marshmallows is hard to beat. It is also a wonderful activity to help teach children how to safely build a campfire. And it goes without saying, remember to be safe when around fire!

Hiking/nature walks

A very simple but brilliant activity to help you get back to nature while also keeping fit. You can also decide how long and far you would like to walk for, but remember that map if you are going on a long expedition and a sturdy pair of shoes! There are so many benefits when walking in nature from reducing anxiety to improving stamina. Find a walk near you via the Wildlife Trust.

 Identify the flora

Why not pass the time by venturing out and learning what is growing all around you. There are many free apps to help identify the flora, but rather than taking the phone out with you, why not use a book so you can take the time away from technology and really immerse yourself in what Mother Nature has on offer! Flower presses are also a fun way to preserve and collect flora.

Just do nothing!

Lastly, you don’t have to do any of the above. In fact you don’t have to do anything at all!

The beauty of getting back to nature and enjoying the wonderful outdoors is that it allows you to turn off all distractions and therefore the perfect remedy for a busy lifestyle. All our structures are designed to help you enjoy and relax in nature without feeling cooped up. When you are in nature, there is no work or the usual daily routines, just time spent enjoying doing whatever you want to do and that could be absolutely nothing! The best kind of detox. When our brain switches off, we automatically reach for that phone, instead, why don’t you enjoy a moment of doing nothing and take a rare time out without technology.

So find a nice spot to sit, empty your head of life stresses and relax with only the sounds and smells of nature to concentrate on.