Are you set for success this glamping season?

Two deck chairs on balcony outside of a red Tree Tent in summer

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get your glamping site ready if you want to attract the crowds. According to research by Canopy & Stars, the glamping trend shows no signs of slowing with 1.8 million Google searches in the past year.  More and more people are turning to the great outdoors to take a break, and the good news is, if you’re a site owner, there’s never been a better time to get into glamping. The bad news? Well, you’re up against some pretty fierce competition.

To help you get set for glamping’s biggest year yet, we’ve been chatting with experts around the country – from booking agents to arborists, planners to glampers – and have gathered together their top tips for getting summer ready.

1. Prepare and care for your site

Harsh winter conditions can cause changes on your land so now’s a great time to take stock before making plans for the season ahead. You might want to think about planting new trees to replace any that have been damaged or for older trees, the end of winter is the perfect time for pruning.

According to Justin Mumford of Lockhart Garratt, an independent firm of tree and forestry consultants, you need to understand the condition of your trees and what risk the trees pose. Especially if you are interested in treehouses! Getting rid of old trees and dead wood is not necessarily a priority, especially if you wish to encourage wildlife. Many species of bats, insects and birds can find shelter in your old trees and add greatly to your site. Finally, check the condition of any existing accommodation and start on the fun part – planning your new spaces!

Sun shining through tree canopy

2. Look for new opportunities on your land

Try looking at your land with a fresh pair of eyes to release its full potential. Are there any parts you’re not using? What about thick woodland, rough terrain and hard-to-reach areas? Author of one of the very first books on treehouses, Anthony Aikman said: “You only have to go up a few feet and you have a different view of things”. So, take a leaf out of his book and get some fresh perspective – perhaps from high in the canopy?!

Apply for planning permissions, if you need ’em

No doubt as a site owner you’ve already experienced the headache of dealing with planning permissions. So, be sure to check all regulations in your area before starting any new work. At Tree Tents, we worked closely with planning experts while designing our structures to ensure they cause as few headaches as possible. We’ve even put together a free Tree Tents Guide for Planning Success which you can download here, or we can recommend consultants who understand our structures. You can read more about how we plan for simplicity here.

Green Tree Tent in trees with sun shining through

4. Find ways to stand out

The natural beauty of your land is always a good start, but you’ll need to provide a little more than a nice view if you really want to stand out. Holidaymakers have changed a lot over recent years and they demand an experience that is both authentic and convenient. Glamping is on the rise, according to IBIS Worldwide, thanks to “modern facilities and services, such as wifi, hot showers and welcome hampers, that aim at higher income customers who may not normally camp”.

A quick search also shows the diversity of accommodation now available. From Safari Tents to Yurts, Shepherd’s Huts to treehouses, glampers have a multitude of options so choosing a unique and memorable accommodation type should be your top priority.

5. Sweat the small stuff

We know it’s often the smallest things that make the biggest impression. Details can transform your site into the ultimate destination for glamping fans. So, make sure you furnish your accommodation with more than a sleeping bag and a rusty old chair. Look for suppliers who can customise your accommodation at affordable prices.

At Tree Tents we love creating spaces that are as unique as their owners. That’s why we make our structures bespoke allowing you to pick and choose from a range of different colours, furnishings and materials. This, along with your personal touches makes each Tree Tent totally unique. Things like original furniture made from local or recycled materials, fluffy pillows and comfortable sheets, or having fun with modern camping accessories like binoculars and a bird spotter’s guide – after all, what better place to spot them than up amongst the treetops?

Camping utensils and cooking equipment on wood table with lantern and flowers

6. Calculate your ROI from the start

The demand for outdoor holidays is steadily on the rise, with the word ‘glamping’ registering over 175,000 searches a month. But that doesn’t mean you should start spending your hard-earned cash without calculating your likely return first. Consider a few important questions: Is there a strong demand for the type of accommodation you have? Will it extend the length of your season and provide good returns compared to your investment?

Balance the cost of adding new accommodation, renovations, maintenance and how many nights you can get out of the season. Helen Shaw, from Sheepskin Life, confirms, “One of the best ways to increase your ROI is to choose a solution that extends your letting season well beyond the summer months.”

Not sure? Get in touch and we can help you calculate your likely ROI.

7. Take care of the environment

Remember to take care of the environment at all times when preparing your site for the summer. After all, the reason that glamping is becoming so popular is the enjoyment of the great outdoors! Any landscape changes, tree cutting or planting should be done respecting the environment and flora and fauna. When buying new accommodation, make sure the manufacturers use sustainable materials, preferably from local sources and try to find suppliers that respect nature.

Looking out the window of the Tree Tent with sun shining on seat and cushions

8. Get a great agent

If you’re breaking into the glamping industry, finding the right agent can make the difference between success and failure. There are many great ones out there offering booking services and promotion. Tom Dixon at Canopy & Stars says, “With the growth in glamping, it’s so important you make sure you stand out; not just in the experience you provide guests, but also in your marketing. So, don’t compromise on either. Find a partner that can provide the support you need in guest experience and marketing. Collaboration is the key thing here. Glamping is a business that’s about creating wonderful relationships. The whole thing can and should be fun.” Working on your own may seem like an easy way of keeping down costs, but having an agent to promote your business will certainly pay off.

9. Ask for help!

Glamping is continually evolving and it can be hard to stay ahead of the trend. But remember, you don’t need to do everything yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in delivering the perfect experience and look for companies that go the extra mile.

At Tree Tents we love chatting to site owners, and hearing about their plans, so be sure to get in touch – even if you’re not sure a Tree Tent is right for you yet!