Why Tree Tents’ glamping structures are the best for diversifying your farm

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Everyone seems to be diversifying their farms at the moment.

In the UK, the total income from diversified activities on farms in 2015/16 was £580 million, which increased by 8 percent in 2016/17, where it reached £620 million.

Despite everyone doing it, diversifying your rural business can be a daunting prospect but glamping offers a simple, steady and significant stream of income. Recent trends suggest that glamping is a market that’s only going to grow.

Why are the Tree Tent and the Fuselage great glamping structures for new businesses?

  1. They are unique. Everyone is interested in them because they are so different to everything else out there. People do your marketing for you! It isn’t just guests who circulate pictures of Tree Tents around social media – they intrigue everyone. Standing out is key for a new business, particularly as glamping structures are popping up everywhere.
  2. Adaptable with land. The Fuselage is designed to adapt to challenging terrain allowing you to maximise areas of woodland, sloping sites or the water’s edge. It is designed to either be mounted to stilts or be suspended by trees. While the Tree Tent just needs trees!
  3. Easy planning permission. We make free standing structures which can be relocated. We help our clients to secure planning permission where it is needed, making the process as straightforward as possible.
  4. Eco-friendly. We want guests of our structures to experience the woodland and forests as they are meant to be – a thriving environment for nature and wildlife. If the structures are going to be in woodland, accredited Tree Surgeons carry out site surveys which focus on tree health, habitats and diversity of the woodland. They then carry out measures to actively increase the health and longevity of the host and surrounding trees. The woodland dictates how we utilise it and how we adapt to it. Moreover, the structures don’t disturb the woodland floor, allowing ecosystems to continue to exist below. We have installed our structures in Ancient woodlands and other protected habitats such as AONBs and National Parks.
  5. Simple install. The design of our structures means that we cause very little disruption to our installation site. The lightweight parts of the structures can be carried into the site on foot with no requirements for heavy machinery or cranes and it generally only takes a few days to assemble our structures on site.
  6. Return on investment. You are likely to find that you can charge more for stays in your Tree Tent or Fuselage than you would for a shepherd’s hut or a bell tent because you are providing the rare experience of staying in the trees. In addition, your investment in one of our structures will be much less costly than having a fully bespoke treehouse designed and made.

What makes glamping a particularly good form of farm diversification?

  1. Simplicity. Holiday-let websites such as Canopy and Stars and Airbnb are very user-friendly these days. It doesn’t require expertise in hospitality or marketing and you can make your lettings available when it suits you.
  2. Increasing revenue. The return on investment can be seen pretty fast, and revenue boosts can mean that you can support other income streams you have on your farm.
  3. Stability. By adding strings to your bow, you are less vulnerable to fluctuation in any one market. Which is especially appealing in this time of uncertainty.
  4. Return on investment. Staycations are becoming more common and glamping attracts a huge range of people, meaning that the size of your market is large and growing. If your structure stands out enough, the ROI can be fantastic.
  5. Size flexibility. It can make use of any sized plot of land. It’s a business that can easily be scaled up or down depending on the size of your land and what sort of environment you want to create – a secluded retreat or a social holiday hub.
  6. Monetise unused land. Glamping is a simple way to realise the full potential of land that may not have had a use before.
Glamping pods UK

Canopy and Stars said that treehouses are their most popular accommodation type by far and receive the highest average rates of occupancy and yet there are very few affordable treehouse options. All arrows point to the innovative Tree Tent glamping structures being the best investment out there, for you and your land.

Tree Tents is exhibiting at the Farm Business Innovation Show at the NEC on November 7th and 8th. Tickets are free and can be ordered on their website. We hope to see you there.

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