Case Study : Pennard Hill Farm

Nestled in the heart of Somerset and a stone’s throw away from the famous town of Glastonbury is Pennard Hill Farm.

Pennard Hill Farm offers the most unique glamping experiences while also overlooking the world famous Glastonbury festival. Their latest exciting addition is one of our very own Tree Tents. Hanging between the trees overlooking the beautiful Mendip Hills, the new Tree Tent is poised and ready to welcome its first Tree dwellers.

We spoke to Pippa Chambers from Pennard Hill Farm and why having a Tree Tent is the ideal new addition to their beautiful site.

Tell us more about your site. What makes it special?

Pennard Hill Farm is a family run farm in the heart of Somerset. We have incredible views over the Mendip Hills and beyond. We are also on a ley line which is pretty special. The farm offers plenty of space for exploring and an air of peacefulness and tranquillity. It really is a unique spot. There is something incredibly relaxing about being here.

What is the most popular reaction from guests when they first visit Pennard Hill Farm?

They are always absolutely blown away by the view

Where is your Tree Tent situated? 

The Tree Tent is hidden amongst the trees on a gently wooded North facing hill. You don’t know she’s there until you push open the gate and there she is, right in front of you, hanging there in all her glory. We chose this location as you feel miles from anywhere, in a complete world of your own with only the birds and squirrels for company.

So why did you choose to add a Tree Tent to your site?

We’ve always wanted a tree house to really maximise the woodland area and make the most of the view. I love the idea of encouraging guests to get back to nature. Being able to sleep high up in the trees is such an exciting experience and not something you do every day. I came across Tree Tents a good few years ago now at the Glamping Show and always dreamed of owning one. Finally that dream is a reality! It is such a unique space.

What are your favourite aspects of the Tree Tent?

I love that she is suspended high off the ground. It adds an element of trepidation. It’s really exciting when it’s windy as she moves gently in the breeze. I also love being able to look up at the stars at night through the clear roof. It’s a pretty special experience.

Lastly, what are you most excited about with having the new Tree Tent addition at Pennard Hill Farm?

It’s exciting to be able to offer something a bit different. I love seeing guests reactions when they walk down the hill, swing open the gate and find the Tree Tent nestled amongst the trees. They are always totally blown away!