6 reasons why we are good for nature

The wonders of woodlands!

Here at Tree Tents we believe in the importance of protecting our woodlands and nature. There is nothing quite like the power of the outdoors. We are passionate about building spaces that create authentic experiences in nature and enabling outdoor adventures without harming it.

Here are 6 reasons why we are good for nature!

1. We use ecologically sustainable materials

We always take great care in researching the green credentials of what we source and make a real effort to use local manufacturers, minimising transportation emissions. Our aluminium and acrylic are always recycled and recyclable, while our plywood is FSC sourced and our wool is 100% British.

2. We transport our prefabricated structures in flat-pack form

By delivering structures that are prefabricated and flat-packed we dramatically reduce their carbon footprint in production, transportation and installation. Our structures are easy to carry and assemble with no heavy machinery needed on-site.

3. Our structures don’t require large foundations

Depending on the structure, they are either suspended using straps on trees or fixed to the ground using ground screws. The woodland dictates how we utilise it and how we adapt to it. Once installed, the structures don’t disturb the woodland floor, allowing ecosystems to continue to exist below. We have installed our structures in Ancient woodlands and other protected habitats such as AONBs and National Parks.

4. We plant trees

We partner with community projects to fund the planting of new trees where they’re needed most.

5. We produce very little waste

Rather than throwing away the off-cuts and quality material left over from building our structures, we instead handcraft functional and hardwearing outdoor kit that we sell on our online shop.

6. Our structures make use of unused woodlands and promote sustainable woodland management

Here in the UK, woodlands have been widely neglected in recent decades. Previously managed, coppiced and worked woodland has been unattended due to a downturn in skills, demand and financial viability, which has resulted in a decrease in ecological diversity and health due to dominant species taking over. Our structures are designed to change this by offering a commercially viable incentive to re-manage the woodland by introducing sustainable, low level, eco-tourism.

Tree Tents was founded on a vision and commitment to provide more people the opportunity to experience and connect with nature. We’re really proud of what we do and this has been reassured to us by the people who we’ve worked together on our projects. We want guests of our structures to experience the woodland and forests as they are meant to be – a thriving environment for nature and wildlife!