TT Wing won’t keep the Bear out…

Posted on Feb 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
TT Wing won’t keep the Bear out…

We were amazingly privileged to roll out the first of our new Aluminium clad suspended structures to none other than our hero and true adventurer Bear Grylls!

While looking to expand our suspended structure products we took inspiration from the skies (and our aero engineering heritage) to design and produce two aluminium clad structures – the Fuselage and Wing. The TT Wing is our smallest structure but sizable enough to offer an amazing space in the trees for two people.

Designed and built using the same principles as an aircraft wing structure it offers a robust, comfortable and unique accommodation or play space solution for a variety of difficult and remote spaces, being light enough to suspend between the trees or any other structures. Light, aerodynamic and a perfect shape to sit and relax in. The airframe structure is made from a light, strong and corrosion resistant aluminium alloy framework and outer skin giving excellent durability in all environments.

It was an immense privilege to build this first unit for Bear – an amazing man and role model showing you can achieve greatness through adversity.

A great write-up on this and some of our other products from our friends at Collectively here.

More information and pricing on the new Wing structure can be found in our products page.

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