TT brings together a unique team; friends with specialised and varied talents – a balloon and airship engineer, a precision machinist and aluminium fabrication guru and a sustainable product designer.

It all started with the Tree Tent concept, initially created by Jason Thawley of design studio Luminair…

Jason started Luminair as a sustainable design studio. The British company known for its whimsical products like latex balloon lamps and camping lanterns made partially from English elm. But despite the name, lighting solutions was never the singular purpose of Luminair; they were just where the need was in energy-friendly products and what the company got good at making.

Teaming up with Alasdair and Duncan Ritchie of Ritchie Engineering on several occasions for more specialised aerospace and design engineering projects Jason saw a mix of talents that shouldn’t be wasted on the norm.

Alasdair’s passion for ballooning has governed his career as a talented aircraft engineer within the hot air balloon and airship disciplines. Alasdair’s projects range from creating such wonders as the BBC’s Top Gear flying caravan airship to pivotal roles in Virgin Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific hot air balloon crossings, Per Lindstrand’s hot air balloon altitude record and the Virgin circumnavigation of the globe by balloon.

Duncan’s involvement in racing, chassis, engine and brake development has given him an excellent feel for dynamic structures and lightweight engineering. An exemplary production and automotive engineer and producer of some of the finest precision metalwork.

I’d come across and made friends with some very talented and interesting people through this work and the Tree Tent concept had been in development over a couple of years with a few of us, in between main design projects. We wanted a project that could bring together all our talents and possibly develop a business from and after a chance phone call from a Channel 4 researcher decided to take the step and build our first model with the cameras rolling

After a successful build and launch of our first Tree Tent and the following interest and popularity of the ‘comfortable’ camping scene we continued to develop further structures and products – all with a mix of sustainable materials, modern engineering and traditional craftsmanship.

Tree Tents International is the result and our aim is to offer quality, handmade, low impact products and structures for you to enjoy your world with.

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